Yet another take on petraeus gate

So much has already been written about the Petraeus side show that it seems only right to throw in my perspective on it in bullet point format.

  • Petraeus showed great ineptitude in his lack of understanding information/email security. Shockingly appalling for a general and the director of the CIA and underling should have had his back on making sure this stuff was right (not to cover up the affair but to avoid many potential issues).
  • He also showed an extreme nativity and the political landscape. When your hailed as a hero and talked about as a potential Republican candidate you have to be smart. He wasn’t as tough but he could have been in the Eisenhower mold if he played his cards better and if he had any public speaking ability but I am thinking he didn’t have that fire in his belly
  • I find it amusing many people in the sphere are quick to call him a beta or paper alpha. Either designation could be true but he’s doing what game teaches and leveraged his fame into access to women he desired. Harnessing power/status to get what you want seems to meet the criteria of having alpha traits as defined by many.
  • It feels wrong that people want to lob grenades at Petraeus’ wife for being old, overweight and unattractive. Unless some evidence changes and she has some culpability in the events how can it be her fault. That is too far gone of a position for me to even consider and I wonder how people who think this get along with their mother or older relatives. Would their mother deserve the same?
  • Both women seemingly involved in the affairs are disgusting individuals who have no regard for their families and are the exact type of women this site is trying to educate men about as part of my mission. The worst type of low life status whoring, low moral hypergamy run wild women that try to ruin men for fun. Can’t wait to read how they are supposedly good Christian family women when excuses start flying after the initial story dies down.
  • The most disgusting part of the story is how the 2 now disgraced generals vouched for Jill Kelley’s bat shit crazy sister in the custody hearing against her husband. For that he deserves the monicker Betrayus because that to me is the ultimate definition of all that is wrong with a white knight. Doing wrong and causing destruction to try to win favor of cancerous women who destroys everyone in her path for tingles and selfishness.
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3 Responses to Yet another take on petraeus gate

  1. beta_plus says:

    “It feels wrong that people want to lob grenades at Petraeus’ wife for being old, overweight and unattractive”

    While I personally feel the same way (I can’t imagine treating my mother or other female relatives this way), the justification for this is that since women may now divorce men and completely strip them of their wealth and children on a whim for simply not making them happy in a marriage, when that man has done everything in his power to be a good husband, father, and provider, and has never physically abused her in anyway, that it is now fair play to insist that men may betray their wives who fail to physically please them. In modern marriage, Men are still expected to suppress their polygamy in marriage but women may let their hypergamy run wild. As well, there is the feeling that the two cuckolded husbands of Kelly and Broadwell will receive no sympathy at all in the MSM.

    Also realize that many in the manosphere, PUA/ MGTOW/other, had terrible mothers that they no longer love. Some of the horror stories I read on the father’s day Spearhead article made me sick to my stomach and profoundly grateful that I was blessed to have the mother that I have.

    • MTK says:

      I too feel blessed to have come from a good family so can’t relate easily to those that have not had that same perspective and the damage that leads to.

      I agree the state of marriage is broken that is why I have written recommending men not to marry. So for people entering marriage they need to do a lot of research and make sure it is really something they want to sign up for given how it works today.

  2. Anonymous age 70 says:

    >>Also realize that many in the manosphere, PUA/ MGTOW/other, had terrible mothers that they no longer love.

    My mother was nuts. Yet, most of my life most of my personal friends were and are women, both in the US and Mexico. But, I would not want to marry an American Woman. This is as much the culture as the individual women, in my opinion. We are all products of our native culture, and American women are insane because their culture teaches them to be.

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