Wishing your life away Monday through Friday?

Time is ticking“I need to stop wishing my life away Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm. I’ll want it back someday”.

This powerfully deep nugget was part of a friend’s Facebook status update. Anyone who is not passionate about what they are doing often wishes their week away working for the weekend like the old 80’s Loverboy anthem. This mindset takes shape at an early age in school but at least you are working for the weekend + the summer then. Once you have a job it is working for the weekend + a few weeks paid vacation if you are lucky.

We wish too much of our time away anticipating greener pastures sometime far off a day not today. It is easy to live life in this way and not think about it until you are at the end of your days. Don’t wait until your hourglass has a grain of sand left, take control of your life and get passionate about living. That or enjoy your weekend. Carpe diem.

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