Why I hate “Christian” romantic comedies

The evangelical Christian sect has been making some headway in making mainstream films and that has not been NOT A GOOD thing for men. Make no mistake about it these movies are crap being marketed for women not the benefit of men. The messages have a common theme where the men are not doing enough “Man Up” and be the super hero blah blah blah.

The movie Fireproof teaches us what? Kirk Cameron post Growing Pains former alpha now annoying beta married man has a troubled marriage and guess who’s fault it is. His. Nevermind the fact that his wife is equally or more culpable for the trouble in their marriage since she has eyes for some would be office Casanova. He has to change and wins her back blah. Neither Christian or Godly just same old Hollywood crap with no foul language or sex scenes.

And the previews for the latest movie “Courageous” more men bashing where the men have to pledge to be better father’s while the women I am sure are long suffering and saintly. Its not enough that the guys risk their lives every day but evidently they aren’t there for their children. Some families may be like this but where is the reverse side? Why don’t the women ever have to do any these in these would be Christian flicks. Why are they never responsible for a failed relationship or making things better. What utter nonsense boycott the crap and say no to the fake Christian film industry. Men if you take your wives to these things you deserve what is coming to you (or what you already have).

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2 Responses to Why I hate “Christian” romantic comedies

  1. Will S. says:

    That’s why I’m not interested in seeing Courageous, because it’s really the same man-bashing as Fireproof, just from a different angle.

  2. thebrownman says:


    This is terrible.

    My boss always refers to popular media when she talks about her divorce and how I am not a man because I wont take care of a woman, how the men in the movies portray how real men should act. Makes me sick. According to her I will always be immature because I refuse to put female ideologies before my own.

    Never ending struggle over here.

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