Why do people go back to losing situations?

Bar Rescue is a great show to teach children the concept of business and interpersonal dynamics. I regularly watch it with my kids even though they are too young to understand everything that is happening but I explain the key points and start training their minds to have a business person perspective. They pick up things very fast and if I brought them into a bar establishment I am sure one of the first things they would look for is over-pouring situations since my daughter pointed out how that has been a common problem in several shows.

Turnaround specialist John Taffer always does a bang up job and usually there are significant management problems to address that are the root cause of the declining business situations. A recent episode I watched of a bar rescue in Philadelphia was notable because the establishment had a horrible name of Swanky Bubbles. Part of the rescue was to re-brand the bar to something more trendy and the end result was a new name of Sheer. The name may not have been my first choice but was a big improvement from the old name, fit the new theme and the place was well positioned for success at conclusion of the episode except it was noted the owner’s changed it back to the old name post rescue! Looking at the reviews in yelp the comments echo what immediately comes to mind when hearing about this puzzling decision

This place is a total dump.  It was on ‘Bar Rescue’ and shortly after it was awesome.  They soon went back to their old ways and once again it became a total dump.   They were handed an awesome bar on a silver platter but decided that its more suited as a dump.  Good job guys.  Avoid at all costs.  Food is mediocre but WAY overpriced, drinks were crap and service left A LOT to be desired.  I dont see it lasting for long

and another just so you don’t think it was one single hater

The place was on the restaurant make over show. Its a dump. Back to their old ways after the show aired. Skip this place.

Straight from the customer’s mouths. What makes someone blow such a great opportunity and return to a known mediocre situation where failure is all but guaranteed?

What makes people go back to losing situations? In this case I suspect extreme pride of the owner. It would be nice if this was an isolated occurrence but this is not the first time a bar has been turned around only to have the name quickly changed back after an apparent successful turnaround. I would love to interview John and pick his brain about how accurately he can predict if the owner will stay the course or revert back to their old failing ways. It would be great to recognize the warning signs that someone is not coachable with a mindset that is resistant to change. The bible says pride is the deadliest of all the sins and what caused Satan to rebel against God. Pride is also the reason those who have been given an incredible opportunity revert back to their old ways as soon as it is convenient to them. Would you rather be right or successful assuming you could only pick one?

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5 Responses to Why do people go back to losing situations?

  1. Marellus says:

    I wouldn’t call it pride. I’d call it hubris. For me pride is what comes after achievement, hubris simply demands it. But then again, pride can lead to hubris …

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  3. Master Dogen says:

    You SHOULD interview John. Send an email to him and ask if he would answer a few questions for your website. You have some “though criminal” views that might make a mainstream guy hesitate. But you keep an overall positive vibe on this site. I bet he would be flattered and happy to answer a few quick questions!

  4. Steve says:

    As the old saying goes……”You can lead a donkey to water, but you can’t make them drink”.

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