What does bias against dads look like?

Feast your eyes on this family law newsletter from NOW. This should rise the collective blood pressure of every father everywhere up to boil. This is what father bias looks like
Notice the father bias throughout:

  •  The general tone is that men have no right to organize to protect their interests as fathers and do what is right by their children. This is labelled as hate or intolerance.
  • Look at statement “abusive parent” it as become a synonym for father in this hate filled treatise. Statements like “While not all fathers who ask courts for custody of children are abusive to children or their mothers, a sizable percentage are (Pg5)” Show me the data where you want to see control or abuse I see a father wanting equal time to raise the children.
  • Exactly where is there an ongoing mother crisis in courts show me the data please
  • Show me the cases of father’s alienating children from their mothers. I think this big time projection I would bet that the odds are 10-1 the other way.
  • Exactly who has the money and legislative power to promote legislation favorable to their cause? NOW is probably larger than every Father’s Rights organization in the world with 100X more budget.
  • Joint custody is framed as a manipulation tactic instead of a father’s love for their children (Pg 8). What a sad world we live in I wish people that felt this way would just have their kid in a test tube to spare both men and the kids the grief of loss.
  • Prolonging divorce or custody proceedings and continued motions for modification
    or contempt of court (also known as “litigation abuse”) are tactics the fathers’ custody activists recommend to divorcing fathers to keep former partners off balance, financially strapped and, in many instances, very scared (Pg 13). This is the exact opposite of what most men who are getting harmed financially by the legal system want. They want fast resolution to the mater that helps them move forward with their lives at a minimized financial loss (due to legal fees) and an agreement that ensures they get to spend time with their kids.

Fathers make no mistake about it your only right is the right to pay for a divorce you may not of wanted and a right to pay child support to kids they would rather you not see. Exactly who is the hate group and who is waging war on the kids affected?

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2 Responses to What does bias against dads look like?

  1. NeotheLeo says:

    I have witnessed this first hand, I am sad to say… The laws are so biased against men, the whole NOW organizations paperwork sounds more like a myth than anything remotely close to reality. My ex was feed so much disinformation by them, they convinced her that my disagreeing with allowing another man to stay in MY home with MY son before we were divorced was mental abuse…. They are a hate group and their hate of men is clear. They want women to divorce, take the kids and collect a check. Any attempt of not agreeing 100%, is met with harsh retaliation of the most severe kind.
    I was literally put in jail for posting on Facebook, it would be a cold day in hell before I agreed to let her take my 4 yr son to live with her ex across the country and me see him for one month out of the year. That was seen as a threat….That I was trying to control her. No I just wasn’t going to willing let my only child be taken away without fighting for his right to have his father in his life. I could care less where she went or what she did. But my son wasn’t being taken away.

    The crazy part is they actually convinced her it was mental abuse… because I just wouldn’t agree to such nonsense…. You tell me who’s rights are being violated?

    • MTK says:

      Powerful example thanks for sharing. I personally think neither parent should be able to move more than 1 hr away from where the family home was. It is not right for anyone to drag a kid across the country that is where the abuse comes in to both the kid who can not see their parent and the parent affected. I am guessing 9 out of 10 times it would be the woman trying to make this type of move which should be outlawed if states care about kids.

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