We can still play to win

We as men are wired to compete and win. Whether it is because of the testosterone flowing in our veins, the spoils that go to the victor, or out of a sense of personal satisfaction we are at our best when the heat of any battle challenges us to rise to the occasion and win. This is meant to be an inspirational post not a shaming post. We know the deck has become stacked against us as men at work, the court system and the general public discourse. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t win if we refuse to lose.

I respect The Captain he is clearly a razor sharp guy and respect his decision to strategically check out enjoy his life and educate others. If I didn’t have kids perhaps I would be more inclined to mirror his point of view of enjoying the decline and doing as little as possible while enjoying my life and pursuing my interests. If I thought we were in for a fast decline I would probably still do it but I am starting to thing this is going to be a Beatlesque long and winding road decline similar to how the Roman empire fell. It is obvious to a lot of us that our country is headed down the wrong path and that unless drastic action is taken we are headed for a fall. But how quick will all of this really play out I could see it lasting another 30-50 years the elites are benefiting from all of this and are in no hurry to have their standard of living decline. They will be able to continue to manipulate the system for quite a long time until it all comes crashing down. This type of scenario has me living out a full life so I am playing to win under that scenario despite the obstacles and having the deck stacked against us.

Who cares if people are under the foolish mistaken impression that I have an advantage being a man in today’s environment.

Who cares if I get loathed for being successful haters are going to hate you if you succeed the losers always resent the winning side.

How someone chooses to spend their life is no concern of mine. If video games, Wilt Chamberlain like strange counts, or other hobbies are your passion do what you want to do. But don’t bow out of a game that can still be won just because it is harder than it used to be. You owe it to yourself to do whatever you truly want to do. Success is never guaranteed but find your passion and pursue it (and if the Cappie ever makes it to the Northeast we can split a bottle of Rumpie on me).

Now if someone tries to nationalize my 401k that might inspire the Sam Adams revolutionary spirit in me.

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