Unfaithful Stories of Betrayal evidence supporting the gospel of The Chateau

Semi watching tv I notice some show called Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal. I decide to leave it on while I work so I can see hypergamy in action. I take note and compare what I hear to stuff read at the Chateau and other game related sites.

Quick Story: Total slut cheats on her marine husband that is deployed in Iraq. Chick cheats on him with a guy she met at the club. Said slut gets pregnant by the other alpha man and the husband leaves her. She moves in with the alpha but she decides she wants to stay in the areas and does not go with him. Husband goes back to Iraq but wants her back.

Observations backing up what I have read from the gospel of Roissy:

1. Woman decides she “deserves” fun while her husband is dodging hot lead in Iraq. She fails to dodge hot lead at home and happily gets seduced by an alpha. She gets pregnant and its the alphas. Commitment doesn’t mean much when a woman like this one “deserves” something its all about her. Alpha reals her in by getting her to pretend to be his girlfriend to get rid of “unwanted female attention” Seems a pretty good strategy here social proof and getting the hamster wheel what if scenario spinning at the same time. Its only a matter of transition from pretend girlfriend to real fbuddy.

2. The term “love child” is so funny and such bull shit. The term bastard fuck child would be much more accurate but that would go against all feminist rationalization of avoiding calling immorality what it is.

3. Whore of a wife says “Our love was not strong enough to overcome the hurt that he felt” I absolutely love this statement you could have plucked this from many different Chateau articles. Don’t expected ethical behavior or deep self introspection when hypergamy renders its natural head. It’s all about her until something doesn’t work out right.

4. Husband says “that baby could have been mine but because of fate it wasn’t”. What delusional stupid beta thinking. If a wronged man can not even be straight and hold a woman accountable no wonder our culture is awaiting the impending Visigothic hoard. Is it even possible for a woman to be wrong anymore or is it always attributed to fate or bad luck?

5. Cheated husband sympathizes with the new bundle of joy and feels bad that the kid doesn’t have a father. Can I gag now?

6. Now fat but still a whore of an ex wife says “I learned marriage is a commitment for forever and I’d love to get married again”.  I’d like to think there is 0 chance she could pull off that desired feat since she is now a few more ice cream bowls away from a coronary  and a well publicized cheater but can we really rule out that she won’t? The sequel to this disaster is probably some chivalrous white knight prince charming beta saying “What happened in her past doesn’t matter to me” or “I shouldn’t judge her for anything that happened prior to her meeting me”.

Nothing discussed here will surprise anyone who reads game sites but its just more evidence that this type of thing is the new normal. Oh how I long for the old days of public shaming and harsh accountability. But at least I am not naive to the reality of the situation. The entrepreneur in me would like to start a DNA testing/PI service for deployed soldiers and make some profit by helping hold women accountable for their actions.

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4 Responses to Unfaithful Stories of Betrayal evidence supporting the gospel of The Chateau

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  2. Mark Slater says:

    That’s really sad, MTK. I can think of few things more Alpha than a combat Marine, but apparently even this species of male is not immune to the rationale of Betadom and White-knighting.

    Not much I can add to what you have already stated about the adulterous wife. Disgusting.

    “I’ve been in this man’s Army for many years and I’ve seen the seventh commandment take quite a beating.” – Col. Sherman Potter, M*A*S*H 4077th

    • MTK says:

      I’d say he wasn’t a total beta per se after all he did not end up taking her back despite having the opportunity (although it could be argued maybe that would have made him an omega).

      Just goes to show how distance does not make the heart grow fonder and supports the proverb when the cats away the mice will play.

  3. here says:

    I had been wanting to know if you ever thought of switching the design of your website? Its well written; I enjoy what youve got to state. But maybe you could create a little more in the way of content so people might connect to it better. Youve got a great deal of wording for only having one or two images. Maybe you can space it out better?

    Thanks for the feedback it is a good reminder I need to add some more diversity to the presentation.

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