True friendship is rare

Facebook friends, Google circles, and Linked in associates (or whatever they call it) get a lot of attention. These can be useful tools and I use them as much as the next person but lets not kid ourselves they are not a substitute for true friendships. As I have gotten older I realize that true friendship that lasts over the decades is exceedingly rare. Maybe I am cynical or my standards defining a true friendship are too demanding for these times but I define a true friendship as:

  • Someone you communicate with at least a few times a week
  • Someone who you can share life’s hardships with and offer mutual advice/support
  • Someone who has your back when things get tough

It is relatively easy to check off the first bullet point and for most of us it comes from work associations. So many friendships are based on proximity but how many endure when the proximity angle changes or when the going gets tough. When these factor’s change it is the true test of whether the association is a friendship or more a relationship of convenience.

Appreciate and celebrate your true friend’s because a good friend is rare to find and even harder to keep.


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