The power of creating

One of the traits that I am working to instill in my kids is the power of creating things. It could be art, building something, becoming better at a sport, developing a skill or actively learning something new from a book or hands on experimentation. What they create does not matter as much as the fact that they are becoming part of the creative process. Creation brings out the best in us because it makes us actively involved in what we are doing and builds useful skills in the process. Creating is paramount to developing yourself as a person and making yourself more capable today than you were yesterday.

Contrast the active engaging power you feel when you are in the creative process vs. the process of being a consumer. When you passively consume something someone else has created the experience is very different from the process of creation. We become passive and start to lack motivation. Life becomes a little too easy and we stop challenging ourselves. We become satisfied with the status quo and the personal growth starts to stagnate. It is all too easy to fall into that rut especially if you have been putting in long days at work and feel drained at the end of the day. Fight through it and create anyway it will make you feel like a kid again.

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