Teaching my son to be a warrior

EyeofthetigerI signed my son up for kenpo karate so he could learn some self defense skills so he’d know how to handle himself and also to get him off the electronic devices. Anything that gets a kid his age off of the digital crack is a good thing in my book.   He already knows what the prize looks like and has had his eyes on the black belt from day one. He would have bypassed the white belt and everything in between if it worked that way. He is doing well in his classes and is testing for the next level soon. As long as he continues to benefit from the classes and wants to progress I will keep encouraging him to progress.

He loves to spar with me and I don’t hold much back when he tries to bring the thunder. I let him give a few good licks but I also ensure that he keeps his defenses up and show him what it feels like to be under attack. No fear at all it is quite impressive. Some of the higher belts sometimes try to bully the lower ones or at least verbally insinuate they are superior. The older ones would win in a point type system but I wonder how things would go if they really started something it would be pretty interesting because I am not sure they have the look of eagles. My son has it even if he doesn’t have the belts yet.

One of the kids who also will be taking the next level test, well I wouldn’t make the same bet. When the instructor said who is ready for the next level this kid put his head down and wanted no part of it even though he was ready according to the class. He asked if he had to come. Even the instructor who is paid to be nice had to take pause at passing such a mentally weak student. How tough will life be for this kid unless he finds some self confidence and embraces life like my son does? Why isn’t his dad teaching him to be a warrior? Either way it isn’t that kids fault he has no role model, no one to encourage an let him know that he is good enough. Probably isn’t even the kid’s dad’s fault for all I know. Maybe he lost courthouse roulette and mommy is proving to the world that boys don’t need a father. Either way kids like him lose and get deposited in the ashes of wimps and whiners jar. Fear does not exist in this dojo does it?

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