Life lessons from the movie swingers

This post is so money and you people that have never seen Swingers won’t even know it. Swingers is my favorite late 90s comedy flick and I will always end up watching it anytime it is on. For those that have never seen it the central character is a guy named Mike who is in a deep bout of depression due to breaking up with his long-term girl of several years. He is unable to forget about her and a miserable loveable beta lout but lucky for him he has friends to get him out and cheer him up. There is his buddy with good rationale advice but the dominant scene stealer is Trent the resident alpha male of the group. Trent makes sure Mike gets back out into the scene as is a hit with the ladies since he has fun and doesn’t take them too seriously.

The movie Swingers shows the value of having a good group of supporting friends to get you through the tough patches in life. My favorite scene in the movie is when Trent takes Mike to Vegas to shake him out of his funk with some excitement. Vegas Baby! Anytime I go to Vegas I get that extra energy flowing through my system and it just feels like I am in a different world so seeing the movie makes me think about being there. Mike tries to be a fake high roller and loses most of his dough and a little bit more of his pride when is double down on 11 move fails to pay dividends. Turns out always double down on 11 is only a good move when your not perpetrating and playing way above your head.  Trent manages to salvage Vegas and lands two beautiful trailer park waitress babies by using solid game techniques. Mike can’t even nail a sure thing and ends up ruining it for his buddy Trent, thereby showing why often it’s better to roll solo.

Mike is clueless about how to run effective game and really always will be but Trent does his best to help. He lets Mike know that chicks will always view him on the friendship tip as long as he is too nice and focusing on puppy dogs and ice cream. Mike’s squareness is a perfect contrast to Trent’s swagger. Trent is comfortable in his own skin and has his own lingo that pays tribute to beautiful baby’s and being so money. My favorite line he throws out deals with promising his Vegas waitress a  50 cent tip if she’s fast with his whiskey and that he’s going to be timing her.

Mike eventually gets over his old girl and swoops a fly girl played by Heather Graham by flashing some nice dance floor game. When presented with the chance to get back with his ex, Mike wisely chooses to burn the boats and stick with his new interest over the old one that blew him off for many months. That scene is a powerful one for those of us who regularly have to give advice to miserable friends, and provides hope that one day they too will see the light.

The movie Swingers is full of game and life lessons. It’s money baby!





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