Suffering fools not so gladly

Suffering Fools Not So Gladly

One of the things that annoys me about many of the blogs I read is that they often give excessive attention to fools and the garbage ideas they support. These blogs are high quality and are developing awesome content but they often cite fools and individuals responsible for our societal decay feeding the ego beast in the process. Do these individuals with bad ideas and black souls deserve all the attention? Attention that only serves to feed their egos, grow their audience and influence and give incentive to create the next generation of loud idiots with bad ideas? Attention is the opiate of choice for the attention seeking idiot.

Useful content and big ideas have stand alone power. They are no more convincing when sandwiched in between a fool’s perspective. We do ourselves a disservice by excessively mentioning famous idiots with bad ideas (especially those in the liberal man hating sector of society). Deny attention seekers their power source and their influence diminishes because many of them are in it for the notoriety and the potential financial windfall that could go with that.

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