Are you expecting success without sacrifice?

Success requires sacrifice. Trust fund babys and lottery winners notwithstanding as the rare exception you are left with this pretty simple equation. If you want to achieve exceptional things or have exceptional wealth it is going to require exceptional sacrifice. This used to be common wisdom but today I think it has become uncommon wisdom. Too many people expect to be ordained with success without any sweat equity, extremely long work hours or sleepless nights. After all the media has tried to sell us the lie that we can get what we want whenever we want because why? Well we deserve to that’s why. We are living in an age of entitlement.

What is wrong embracing the age of entitlement?

  • It makes a person easily susceptible to snake oil salesman who promise big things by preying on the naive only enriching themselves in the process. Swanky tv preachers living the jet set lifestyle result.
  • It makes the level of success desired unlikely to be achieved. If hard work towards a focused goal is not the driving force for success you are relying on luck and wishful thinking.
  • It teaches kids the observe the wrong lessons and can be destructive to their future if they buy into the idea. Why work hard for something I deserve when I should have it anyway? Spoiled kids and adults that never grow up are the end result.
  • It goes against the natural laws of the universe. An object at rest tends to stay and rest unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force. A person with a dream but no action is like expecting something to move with no force.
  • It furthers the welfare culture and perpetuates unsustainable levels of debt. People who expects regular handouts (as opposed to infrequent bouts of temporary assistance) are a burden to everyone around them and are not doing their fair share.

You can probably name a few people you know in your life that are good examples of what I am talking about. Have you ever tried to help them out by focusing their goal with a detailed plan of how to get there? If so you were likely rewarded with glazed over eyes and a deer in the headlights look or worse yet outright contempt. The contempt is generated towards you because you are making them feel uncomfortable about their fantasy world and threatening the safety of their mental padded walls. I have never seen a case where someone with titanic size dreams with no plan and an unwillingness to expend some sweat equity become successful. The glamorous lifestyle  sometimes comes after the hard earned success not before. The 4 hour work week can come after the hard earned success it is not the cause of it.

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