Style in the workplace observations

In a recent post I laid to bare some of the style sins I have been committing on and off the job. I am the type of individual who takes swift decisive action after committing to change so I made like Cesar and burned my fashion boat by donating my outdated/old clothing to local charity organizations. Since there was no going back it was time for some major improvement. My style idols are along the lines of Sinatra, Kennedy, and the fictional Don Draper so I set out to remake my wardrobe along those lines. That meant I went from:

  • Baggy clothing to nice fitted shirts
  • Slightly preppy casual to dapper with accessories like the white pocket square
  • Basic tan khaki pants being a mainstay to more diverse styles and colors
  • Never wearing a tie to making it a staple
  • Layering clothes more for effect and including the tie underneath.

This was basically the most drastic type change someone could make the equivalent of a fashion big bang. I have been dressing up this way for about a week now and Newton’s law of motion is coming into place the change in my wardrobe is drawing out an equal and opposite reaction from my coworkers depending on how they perceive the change. The few coworkers that already dress well are pleasantly shocked and informally welcoming me to the club. Others view my radical departure of fashion will more amused disdain. The general query has been “Are you going on an interview” which I take as the standard compliment fitting for the occasion since I have not typically dressed this part. On a side note I did get a few condolence wishes today when I was rocking the suit but since I was sporting a nice contrasting gold tie and some nice accessories I will right that one off as an unobservant but interesting comment. There is also a mini over under pool with appropriate odds being established to determine when I will revert to my old manner of dress. Sadly for the doubters there is no going back I have slashed, burned, and upgraded,

What have I learned from the experience thus far?

  • Most people question radical change and assume it is related to an interview type situation or a New Year’s resolution (if it takes place in the first month or two of the year)
  • People assume change is only temporary and will not result in a lasting difference
  • Some people feel threatened when others attempt to improve themselves because they do not want to deal with the raising of the bar situation and to potentially be evaluated differently as a result. It is a bit of a threat to laid back people’s status quo when someone with previously average style tries to up the fashion ante.

Although there have been some interesting moments I am enjoying the new style I have selected for myself and am confident that it fits well with the new image I am designing for myself. I am committed to improvement and intend to pick up some nice new suits/blazers in the near future to continue my style ascension.

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7 Responses to Style in the workplace observations

  1. Marellus says:

    I wish you the best of luck on this endeavor. Now, how do you make lots of money ? Any ideas ? I’m thinking gold investment.

    • MTK says:

      I don’t think gold is the ticket to making lots of money right now its probably had a good bit of its run-up already for the short/mid term.
      To make any kind of serious money I am thinking you’d need to start a small business and ramp it up or get real lucky with low priced stocks with big positions (which is also can be risky)

      • Marellus says:

        Funny you should mention stocks. See if you can get your hands on this book. It was an eye opener to me.

        As for fashion, I am of the opinion that your clothing should match your hair and eyes. Do you agree ?

        • MTK says:

          I do not really agree about matching but it should fit the overall look you want to project I think and be in congruence with other areas of your life.

          I will check the book out thx.

      • Marellus says:

        About Gold Investment :

        Here is a long term gold chart , and another long term chart that is inflation adjusted.

        I think the chart from 1970-1980 will be repeated on a grander scale. A much grander scale. If this is correct, then we are now in a grander version of the runup from 1970 to 1974.

        And this runup must at least take out the inflation adjusted highs of 1980. So I think that gold still has a ways to go, before we hit the grander doldrums of 1975-1976. You’ll note that the gold fell about 50% during that period.

        And then comes the Spike Of Dreams …

  2. Juan says:

    Improving that image really is a good way to get the new year started. A couple nice suits and people really do start to view someone a little differently.

    • MTK says:

      I agree Juan I have seen a difference already in a short time doing it so far.

      I got out of the habit after switching locations but I am liking my new look.

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