Simplicity is beautiful

simplicityDo you appreciate the simple things in life and savor the moment while you are in it? Or are you hurrying through life busy shuffling from one chore to the other without taking a step back and giving yourself time to enjoy life? I indulged in a mini retreat this past weekend and it was paradise. Just doing what I wanted with no forced routine or schedules to meet, living in the moment. The polar opposite experience from the day to day grind of wishing your life away.

Feeling the breeze through my hair with the top down, salty sea mist in the air, tasting it like the prelude to a margarita.

Savoring the sand between my toes.

Marveling at the power and vastness of the ocean. In and out. Calm one minute and powerfully destructive the next.

Imagining the treasures claimed by the sea over the centuries and cooking up plots on how I could get my hands on some of it.

Sad for the people so absorbed with their cell phones too busy to experience paradise beyond advertising to their “friends” that they were there.

When was the last time you did exactly what you wanted to do and put the mundane aside? Even just for a little while.

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