Seth Macfarlane was funny at the Oscars

OscarsSeth Macfarlane is hilarious, edgy and willing to make fun of any group no matter how incorrect said group may think it is to make fun of them. He makes fun of himself too so he is not one of those tools who can sling mud but cries when it comes back in his direction. Anyone who has seen his shows or performances in the comedy central roasts knows this to be true. The Academy knew what they were getting when they signed him up unless somebody seriously ignored ever fact out there about him. All of the humorless twitter critics and blog detractors crying that he was over the line are complete and utter whiny babies. It is his art and what the academy signed up for when they signed him on the dotted line to be host master. They got what they paid for and should have expected if they would have done any research at all. Maybe what the Academy sought most was attention, Mission Accomplished…

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