Scarcity mentality example and why it is self defeating

I'm ready to move in to the new crib Elin

In a previous post I committed to improving my money mentality in 2012 and avoiding self limiting scarcity mentality. The principles of avoid scarcity mentality and thinking positive come from many different self help gurus most notably Napoleon Hill’s groundbreaking works that have been copied far and wide. I was checking my yahoo email account and stumbled across the article about Tiger Wood’s ex “bulldozing her recently purchased 12 million dollar home” First thing to point out is this is a great example of a sensational headline designed to garner a strong reaction from people and from scanning the comments I can say mission accomplished. From a quick scan I would say the comments were easily 95% negative reactions. In the past I may have said something snide as well so this was a good test to see if I can walk the self improvement talk. You can learn a lot about the commenter’s¬† personal outlook by how they perceive the situation. Here are some of the examples of the negative comments:

This is what happens when you get money that you didn’t earn. You have no appreciation for it.

This story makes me sick to my stomach. What a waste! There are millions of people in this country who can barely make their rent or mortgage payments each month and this woman bulldozes a perfectly good $12 million home. What a crazy world this is.

Money makes people looney.

and people are starving everywhere.

What was the point in purchasing it if she was just going to tear it down? Talk about a waste of money.

What a wasteful idiot. Maybe he was cheating on her because she’s nuts

What do these critical comments tell us about the people that made them?

  • They are very self righteous and think they have a right to tell others how they “should” spend their own money. I used to lean towards making judgements about what is and what is not waste but those days are done.
  • They relate “facts” to the situation that are not directly relevant to justify their own sense of ethics. What does the struggles of others have to do with the situation at hand. If the¬†commenters are concerned about the plight of the poor and struggling they need to make themselves accountable for improving the situation and not expect others to do the work.
  • “Money makes people looney” Easy to say but lets look at what really happened vs. how it was reported. People of means buy property all of the time and often times the intent is to build a structure of their choice and the deal is about the location (location location location is a real estate maxim right?) not the underlying structure. Wise comments pointed this fact out but those struggling or with limited mindsets refuse to even process this fact preferring to demonize those that do what they want with their own money.
  • Small minded people correlate events (or even worse think direct causation) that are not necessarily related and and draw inaccurate conclusions. Why because Elin decided to spend the money as she saw fit does it make Tiger’s actions any more or less awful or make infidelity less of a problem?

Nuggets of wisdom were found in the comments as well.

I’ve been in construction for 40 years. This house wasn’t worth more than a $1M. She wants the property in order to rebuild. This is a very common practice, even with commercial property. Just one more example of sensationalized journalism.

Perhaps the house had black mold, or was poorly maintained/trashed by previous owners…any of you ever think of anything besides nasty put-downs? The house that replaces it will provide construction jobs and dump a boadload of cash into that area’s local economy. It is her money so don’t get your shorts in a knot.

Out of touch with who? She’s not a politician, she is a rich person. her money, her house.

I hate our society. Nearly 300 of you feel it is perfectly okay to cheat just because your partner is nuts in your eyes? Look, if your partner is nuts then leave them, don’t cheat on them

These comments avoid the scarcity mentality and recognize that they are not responsible or part of Elin’s decision making process. Her decision to build a new house on the property she purchased is just that her decision. She does not need to justify her actions to anyone because she is using her money to do it not anyone elses. My intent was not to make this a political discussion but want to bet which party the people who think they have a right to tell others how to spend their own money belong to? Free yourself from the scarcity mentality that how others spend their money affects you in any way. It is wasted effort that you could expand focusing on how to better your own life.


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7 Responses to Scarcity mentality example and why it is self defeating

  1. Neecy says:

    You’re right MK. It really irks me when people start saying that stuff about “there’s starving people in the world” bla blah blah. It reeks of jealousy to me when people harp on what someone else does with their money – as if they wouldn’t do what they wanted either.

    And what the heck does what she does with her money have to do with Tiger and his rampant cheating on her? She didn’t force Tiger to marry her nor did she force him to cheat on her within thier marriage.

  2. Marellus says:


    You’re right about the scarcity mentality … and the envy it spawns. But in your post you also mentioned Napoleon Hill … and the essence of his work was the Law of Attraction. What is your take on this ?

  3. MTK says:

    Funny you ask I think it is the definitive self improvement work and all the other authors owe him a small tip of the cap in some way. I wrote about him quite a bit check these out:

    • Marellus says:

      I remember reading a book by Og Mandino, and what he said that really struck me is this : Be a little bit better than a ll the other people around you, and you have got it made …

      • MTK says:

        I think that is wrong actually I think if you are hanging around those who have got it together and who challenge you it will help you towards growing towards your goals. To be the best you got to roll with the best..

        • Marellus says:

          Point taken. But how many are truly so fortunate as to have such a good mentor/s ? You’re on your own most of the time, and in such a situation, you have resort to some kind of self-promotion to get ahead …

          • MTK says:

            Yes finding good mentors takes a lot of work it has to be a good fit for both people. Part of it is getting out and being in the thick of things and the other part is trying to make some moves to find people going (or already at) the same destination you want to go to.

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