Reflecting back on the year that was and looking ahead to next year

I have been doing a lot of self reflection recently. I always tend to think black around New Year’s Day and make some grandiose plans for the year to come but this year is different. Despite still having massive holes in my Christmas shopping list I have already begun to reflect back on my 2011 and think about how I want my 2012 to be different than any year previously. This year has been a crazy year for me, if you asked me this time last year what the year had in store for me I would have been way off. I knew I was in a high risk marriage but I would have assumed it would have muddled through vs. ending mid way through the year. The ending was as mutually agreeable as possible but now the aftermath will be a more challenging situation, trying to raise my two kids in a vastly different way in 2012. Career wise 2011 was a solid year where I continue to make progress and I have also made some headway into my goals for an online business as well.

My high level plan for 2012

1. Make sure the kids adapt as well as possible given the divorce and help them continue to thrive in school and life. They do not yet know about the divorce since the living situations have not changed much but big changes are in store for 2012. They are going to take it pretty hard I think but life goes on and we all adapt.

2. Focus on my career objectives to make this year my most successful year yet. A lot of this will focusing on launching my non 8-5 venture which will be especially challenging given my intensified personal life situation.

3. Expand my social and professional networks in 2012. I realize one of my key improvement opportunities is to build a more effective network that will be a big catalyst in bettering both my personal and career situation.

4. Significantly upgrade my wardrobe/fashion style in 2012. If I am to be brutally honest I have become sloppy with my appearance and need to make a big upgrade in the new year. I am making my upgrade plan now and plan to get started immediately.

5. Workout 5 days a week using the P90x program and commit to a paleo like diet in 2012. It will not be the full out paleo diet but I plan to mimic it fairly closely.

6. Cut down on time wasters/drains in 2012. I spend too much time wasting time doing things like idle internet surfing, games, and other activities that do not contribute to meeting my most important goals. I plan to use this newly reclaimed time to focus on the improvement items I have listed above and making 2012 my best year ever.

I plan to turn these high level goals into a more actionable plan and report back regularly on my progress which will build additional accountability into my self improvement program. Follow along and make 2012 your best year ever!


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