Reawaken your child like enthusiasm

redryderRemember what is was like to be a kid on Christmas Eve? So excited with the possibilities of what would be under the tree when you woke up in the morning. I was the type that could hardly sleep I was so restless and excited to devour the presents under the tree. Christmas was a magical time as a kid but over the years it starts to feel more like a burden vs. the magical moment it was when I was little. It was a similar feeling while I was in college. The world was my oyster I was learning and partying a lot and meeting new and interesting people. Life was full of limitless possibilities and we had our whole lives in front of us to conquer. I WANT THE MAGIC BACK.

Imagine if you could have that feeling all year long. If you were so energized because you were doing what you were meant to do and making a career out of it. Working with people you choose to work with and working on stuff that inspired you because it was what you really wanted to do. You believed in it and got that focused tunnel vision where you were creating a masterpiece. It seemed like you just got to work but you look at the clock and notice its already 7pm but you don’t mind because it is what you want to be doing. Or if work isn’t the place that inspires that magic in you perhaps you are starting your own side hustle or its a hobby or your family that gets your juices flowing. It really doesn’t matter just find your passion and be true to yourself and do it better than you are doing it today. Rediscover your life’s purpose and pursue it with reckless abandon there is no time like the present.

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1 Response to Reawaken your child like enthusiasm

  1. Master Dogen says:

    A huge helper in recovering childlike enthusiasm is quitting all masturbation and porn. The ancient Hindus of the Vedas knew this and you can read it over and over again in ancient texts: conservation of the “virya” or “jing” (Chinese) restores youthfulness in the body, the mind, and the spirit. The whole world becomes brighter, more interesting, and you give off a weird, interesting glow that makes people want to be around you.

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