Raw self improvement advice

ghandiI spent the time to read the 6 harsh truths that will make you a better person that has been getting a lot of attention on Facebook. I love this type of raw in your face self improvement advice because it doesn’t seek to placate you into feeling good about yourself no matter what or tolerate excuses. Radical self improvement requires an honest assessment of how others view you, what your skills and abilities are and what you need to do to meet the goals you are trying to achieve. Doing this requires you to check your ego at the door and not make excuses for why you do not have what you want. Unless you have achieved the inner nirvana of Ghandi there has to be something in your life that you want that you don’t have. A skill you want to build, muscle you want to gain, a job that makes more money, a relationship you want to start, or things you want. Wishful thinking and the everyone is a winner society that we live in today is not cutting it true improvement requires commitment to the goal and building in the rituals to make success more likely. Go forth and create. Create the life that you want no one else is going to do it for you.

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