Oneitis is the deadliest of game sins

Men seeking to turn their lives around by embracing game go through inflection points in our lives. Sometimes it is easy to hold a strong frame, own a room and be on the hunt like a wild boar. Easy to harness the power of the dark side and reap the benefits of easy lays and female adoration. But sometimes you meet a certain women that intrigues you and throws you off your game plan. You start acting like she is special, caring what she thinks and passing on prospects because you are too focused on one particular woman. Backsliding towards a dangerous path where her desires take the place of yours and you lose your frame, your self respect and hopefully not your wealth in the process.

We know better yet wish things were different that perhaps she is special. But she is not so do not give her that power to change your game plan and throw you off your game. Recognize early warnings signs of oneitis and don’t lose your head. No matter how great you think she is someone somewhere is sick of her shit. It could be her last boyfriend that the lacrosse team passed around.

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