Don’t chase magic bullets

magicbulletsWhen I was younger I was hungry to improve myself but didn’t know how to go about doing it. I went about things the hard way trying to read a lot, searching for wisdom from self proclaimed gurus who claimed to have answers. Reading is still a passion of mine but looking back I realize that I was pursuing my quest for self improvement in the hardest possible way. I was arrogantly trying to learn by collecting knowledge and processing it on my own but that is a difficult road if you want to achieve big things in life. I failed to realize there is a much easier path to success that I am starting to enthusiastically embrace. Find someone who has succeeded at what you want to do and do what it takes to build a good relationship with that person. The road to success has already been paved for you, find a good mentor and do not try to do it all on your own. Finding the right mentor at a young age can propel you ahead of the pack but it is never too late as long as there is still something you want to achieve.

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1 Response to Don’t chase magic bullets

  1. YouSoWould says:

    Well said. I realised the same thing myself a couple of months ago, and sought out a coaching session with the one pick up coach whose advice I value (Steve Jabba), and am now also taking CBT from a highly qualified professor.

    I’ve made more progress in my mindset in the past couple of month than I can remember in any other period as a result. There’s only so far you can go totally alone.

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