Ode to Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is the self help maestro every one of today’s gurus should pay homage to as they collect their millions by selling his recycled ideas. Anthony Robbins, Dr Phil,  and hundreds of corrupt prosperity gospel preachers should have to pay royalties to the heirs of Hill’s intellectual property since he did all the ground breaking work. Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success is the equivalent of the holy grail if you are seeking to understand human potential and how to unlock the greatness that may or may not lie within yourself.

Here is my twitter like summary of the 17 lessons from 21st century edition of his compilation that includes the previously undefined concept of the master mind.

Lesson 1 – The Mastermind

To be great you have to surround yourself with greatness and feed off of it.

Lesson 2 – A definite chief aim

Find your life purpose and seek to accomplish it with reckless abandon

Lesson 3 – Self Confidence

Thoughts are powerful. Keep them positive and focused on accomplishing your primary goal. You can if you believe you can.

Lesson 4 – The Habit of Saving

Save and invest in money producing assets or forever be a slave to your daily wage

Lesson 5 – Initiative and Leadership

Lead from the front, be decisive, set direction and go.

Lesson 6 – Imagination

Don’t limit yourself with false constraints. Unleash the power of your mind to break free from limits.

Lesson 7 – Enthusiasm

Focus your passion and harness it for accomplishing your primary goal. Be the type of person other people are drawn to vs. a negative people repellant.

Lesson 8 – Self-Control

Thoughts are powerful. Keep them positive and focused on accomplishing your primary goal. You can if you believe you can.

Lesson 9 – The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For

Losers say that’s not my job or I don’t get paid to do that. Do more than expected and the rewards will follow.

Lesson 10 – A Pleasing Personality

You will never accomplish great things on your own. Be a pleasing person people want to help and follow.

Lesson 11-Accurate Thinking

Master your own mind so that you can easily absorb outside information and discern fact from hyperbole.

Lesson 12- Concentration

Focus on the most important things first as defined by what will most help you accomplish your primary purpose

Lesson 13 – Cooperation

To accomplish great things you must be able to motivate others to assist you in your efforts. Ties together with lessons 1 & 10.

Lesson 14 – Profiting by Failure

You must get over the concept of failure and often fail many times to truly succeed. Taking action is often the most difficult part of starting and getting started is often delayed by fear of failure. Fail, learn, improve, succeed.

Lesson 15 – Tolerance

Failure to tolerate leads to a breakdown in cooperation and lessons the chance of getting others to assist in accomplishing your goals.

Lesson 16 – The Golden Rule

I will never do to another person what I would not be willing for that person to do to me if positions were reversed. Ok for once Hill owes Jesus or others before him some royalties on this one..

Lesson 17 – Universal Law of Cosmic Habitforce

Thoughts are powerful if you believe you can you can. Negative thoughts or people are draining and should be avoided. So much of the modern self help industry modifies this concept ties it around some of the other 16 principles and prints money from those who have never read from the master directly.

If you haven’t read any of Napoleon Hills’ books and your interested in self improvement what are you waiting for?



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11 Responses to Ode to Napoleon Hill

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  3. Marellus says:

    You’re right. Law no 17 is especially applicable to me : My brother has been a drain on me in more ways than you could possible imagine …

    • Marellus says:

      He has no ambition. He is helpless. He has no desire to improve on this. He has a talent for writing, but has never finished a book. I could go on and on. But the best way to describe the situation is like this :

      From 2005 to 2007 we were working in England. At the time I was putting in 80+ hours of work a week. He was only working week-ends, and his salary was similar to mine. I told him to work during the week as well, and save the money. He didn’t. In fact, for two of those ears, I had to support him.

      • MTK says:

        Cut the cord you are doing him no favors by shielding him from the real world only enabling apathy. Easier said then done I am sure but necessary.

  4. Tanisha says:

    we are born with 2 envelopes one of riches and the other of defeat which one will you choose? loves Mr Hill

    • MTK says:

      There is a big continuum between riches and defeat as well. There is that big comfortable part in between that is hard to break out of unless you take radical action.

  5. Austin says:

    Great summary. I will have to read this book sounds like a must. I have read Think & Grow Rich a handful of times and awed by the simple yet powerful knowledge Napoleon brings to light. I agree. It is sad and aggravating to see those who profit from his genus and labor. Works like “The Secret” ride off his back but have yet to have the same ability to change ones life, IMHO.

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