My mistakes are in the past

The Walking DeadMen be very cautious of a woman that uses the line “my mistakes are in my past”. It could be that she is a wise unicorn that truly has absorbed the life lessons from her past and has translated that into real meaningful change. BUT more often than not it means you are dealing with a new age Christian woman who does not want to be accountable for her actions and is using this line as a born again shield against true self improvement. If someone’s mistakes are truly in their past this type of line wouldn’t need to come up very often but instead I have heard this line quite a bit in many different circles. It has NEVER been used when someone was inappropriately judging someone’s past behavior but instead when a woman didn’t like being “judged” for whatever behavior she was being called out for at the time. Major red flags if you are considering any kind of relationship with a woman who ever uses this stupid phrase to justify bad behavior.

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