My health & fitness plan

My approach to health and fitness had always been somewhat lax in the past. My motto was I eat what I like, drink what I like, and do what I like. To summarize lots of delicious food, way too many alcoholic drinks, and minimal weight training (although I do get active with sports). I was able to get away with that attitude in my 20s and early 30s due to a natural athletic build and perhaps good genes. I noticed I slowly started a weight creep going from 6ft 160 which I maintained forever up to 165, 170, 175, then 180. My typical rationalization was that I can drop 20 lbs in no time by giving up the beer (which is still likely true).

I thought about my approach to my health and realized I needed to make some significant improvements or else I would likely be 200 lbs in a few years. In addition, to pursue my concept of being well balanced in all areas it was necessary for me to take better care of my body and invest in making life quality as important as life quantity. Here is my current approach to health & fitness.

My Health & Nutrition Plan

  • Take a general multivitamin for men and 1000 mg of fish oil daily
  • Take a generic zyrtec like allergy pill during peak allergy months
  • Follow a high protein low carbohydrate diet. Eggs/egg whites are a staple for me which I eat nearly every morning and the other meals typically consist of fish, chicken or beef (not always lean I won’t lie). I eat a lot of vegetables primarily green ones, carrots or corn on the cob when it is in season.
  • I consume ungodly amounts of water (use a brita filter at home and the standard delivery bottles at work)
  • I avoid sodas unless there is rum in a diet coke which is only an occasional acquaintance
  • I consume too much beer which helps nullify the low carb idea.
  • Begun to really avoid fast food or choose something like a Southwest Chicken Salad which is pure goodness.
  • Drink slightly less than a pot of coffee a day.
  • Love red wine especially Pinot Noir and usually have about 2 glasses daily.

My Fitness Plan

  • Routinely take fast walks for 30-50 min 6 days a week. I used to run but realized I do not really enjoy it unless it is on a beach (and right now I am not close enough for that to be a regular thing)
  • Joined a gym on and off for a few years but decided to go the home fitness route to avoid the trip to the gym and be more time efficient.
  • Do the P90X dvd program at a pretty intense level 5-6 days a week. I do not follow the program to a tee but this is the best fitness investment I have ever made since I use it all the time. I find the workout variety very good and even though I never thought I’d like the dvd workout method I was wrong, I love it.
  • Playing with the two rug rats also helps keep me on my toes, fit and is fun bonding time.

What’s next?

I am probably in the best shape of my life right now and love the feeling of energy I get from the diet and exercise combination. I wish I started a lot sooner but better late than never (I am 35 now). My plans for now are to maintain what I am doing and try to reduce my beer consumption so the full benefits of the exercise and diet manifest. I am about 178 lbs right now but have built a lot of muscle mass and really improved the composition of my body so I am happy around the 175 – 180 level (I routinely get compliments now vs. getting some feedback about being a little to skinny before).

Heath & nutrition, get some!


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