Mate guarding a declining asset

titanicWomen in their upper 30s+ that should be thanking their lucky stars want freedom. This shows you how distorted the current sexual/marriage market is. Assets declining in value want freedom to explore. Is the answer to nip it in the bud or to instead slyly begin planning to optimize your own exit strategy? Start getting in better shape. Splurge and spend your money on a better wardrobe and things you want. Start building your emergency fund which only you can access. Stop sacrificing your life for the good of everyone else martyrdom only makes sense if you think 99 virgins are waiting for you. They¬† aren’t, just one depreciating woman who should be grateful you stuck around but instead feels she can do better and wants freedom. If you love something (yourself) set it free and never settle a depreciating asset that thinks its market is booming.

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