Marriage advice for my recently engaged friend

My friend’s getting married. Just got word that a buddy of mine just got engaged during the holiday season. A lot of engagements go down over the holidays. People are feeling festive, get in a romantic mood or perhaps its all the holiday booze that loosens men up to the idea of life long commitment. The writing was on the wall for him he had been dating her for ~ 2 years and lately kept mentioning things like thinking about shopping for rings and discussed with a bit of dismay the possibility that she would end the potential for future strange encounters.

I gave him some lager aided counsel that present day marriage is very risky for men with a lot of financial risk. He is aware of that and considering a prenup but when push comes to shove I am not sure he will push for it despite marrying mid 30s and already having established some significant net worth. He has his head on straighter than a lot of guys entering marriage and does understand the potential risks associated with it and has decided to mitigate those the best he can and give it a go.

Based on my assessment he employs enough game principles to minimize is chances for problems (at least as of now unless he changes after marrying) and his woman also seems relatively lower risk based on the marriage risk criteria I outlined in this previous post. In situations like this despite my marriage reservations I wish him the best and hope that he will have a better time of marriage than I did. He understands the risks (at least conceptually) and is moving forward based on his plan for the future. At least I get an epic bachelor party out of the deal…

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