Living a life of adventure

wildwestI had a few friends over last night and we were reminiscing about adventures of the past. It’s funny how the stories we always retell are not the present day ones. After all we have high(er) status job now and make awesome money to support a comfortable living and have plenty left to invest for the future. We are at the peak of what worldly wisdom says is the time of our lives but we tell stories about the times when we had freedom and┬árecklessly sought excitement around the world. Freedom and the ability to own your time make for a more exciting life than being a clock punching big wig. Even with a great career I am still part of the desk jockey club that Hawaiian libertarian speaks of. It’s not soul killing because I now like what I do after a recent career direction change. But it’s not Thailand in a rickshaw with a good buzz next to a smoking hot 18 year old on a highway with cars whizzing by at 70 miles per hour.

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