Alexander the Great – Life lessons from the world’s greatest conqueror




What makes Alexander the Great a Man for the Ages?

A man for the ages leaves his mark on the earth and is remembered for excellence in his chosen field. Alexander the Great was trained from birth to be a conqueror and he lived up to his destiny and then some. He was appointed King at the age of 20 and in the twelve short years before his death would conquer most of the known world. Alexander was undefeated in battle despite being at a numerical disadvantage in numerous battles and is debatably the greatest conqueror in world history. Plus having the title “The Great” in your name doesn’t hurt…

How did Alexander the Great become a man for the ages?

He was mentored by a great father

  • His father left him a strong kingdom ready for expansion and prepared him to lead it. He was trusted with crushing revolts and leading by proxy at a young age while his father waged war which help prepare him for his future. His father Philip II is a great example of how to father like a patriarch old school style.

He was educated by the greatest non military mind of his time (Aristotle)

  • No less than the leading mind of the days was instrumental in educating young Alexander. Talk about being mentored for greatness.

Singleness of purpose

  • He was raised from birth to be a kingdom expander. This formation helped focus his ambition and propelled him to conquer and reach to the ends of the world

Fun facts about Alexander

  • Was the Donald Trump of his day founding over 20 cities with his name

Biggest achilles heel

  • Alexander’s biggest weakness was a lack of self control when it came to alcohol. He was prone to drunken outbursts and once killed a man who had previously saved his life in a drunken quarrel. Although his death at the age of 32 was likely related to disease alcohol may have been a contributing factor.

Lessons from Alexander

  • Seize the opportunity when your time comes – Alexander’s mentor and father Philip was assassinated. Alexander had to act boldly and consolidate power to avoid letting his destiny slip through his grasp.
  • Sell your vision and lead from the front– Alexander envisioned a great empire for himself and Macedonia and inspired his army by leading from the front and boldness of action.
  • Keep it simple and think different – Solved the “unsolvable” Gordian Knot dilemma with quick action and a sword he did not get caught up in unneeded thought.
  • Listen to your trusted advisers – After years of conquest even Alexander’s battle hardened army reached its limits. He had a mutiny on his hands when he desired to press on past the Hyphasis River and had to temper his desires of conquest or risk total loss.
  • Leave a legacy – Alexander’s name will never be forgotten until the world ends but he was too busy conquering to train the next generation of his dynasty. Imagine how the world would be different if he would have had a dynasty succession plan like his father before him?

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