Law of Success vs. Pick Up Game

In my last post I gave a quick twitter like summary of the self improvement classic by Napoleon Hill titled Law of Success. I have been spending some of my free time reading some of the top pickup sites on the internet such as heartiste and rooshv and learned a lot in the process. It got me curious about how much debt if any pickup artist methodology owes to Sir Napoleon Hill. Here is my take on the matter if you have questions about the lessons in the Law of Success refer back to the article linked above.

Lesson 1 – The Mastermind

Pickup artist sites, internet forums, and communities meet the intent of the mastermind concept. Collective knowledge is shared by advanced practitioners of pickup (app’s) with the intent of improving collective game. Many of the top app’s frequent each others establishments which forms a true mastermind.

Lesson 2 – A definite chief aim

For players truly immersed in the pick up game that is their primary purpose in life. They all have different key performance indicators whether it is number count, quality, flags, or thrill of the hunt. For others game is part of mix towards leading a well balanced quality life.

Lesson 3 – Self Confidence

Known as internal game in pickup circles self confidence is essential to a would be slayer. Self confidence is contagious and essential for sending the right vibe while out on the town. Lack it and plan on an intimate night with you, rosy, and your favorite niche of pixelated internet girls.

Lesson 4 – The Habit of Saving

The first law that really is not directly to a pickup artist. The most I can stretch to make this concept fit is the advice not to buy dinner or more than 2 drinks pre bang.

Lesson 5 – Initiative and Leadership

This law is essential for a game practitioner. Women like dominant men with an ability to lead so be bold and take charge like Cesar.

Lesson 6 – Imagination

Storytelling and approach creativity are essential tools in a pua’s skill set limited only by¬† imagination and ability to execute. Canned openers are useful but could result in an awkward situation if the chick you are approach has read the book.

Lesson 7 – Enthusiasm

It is impossible to tell a good story without infectious enthusiasm to hook your audience in. Internal enthusiasm is needed to keep at it and deal with the necessary rejection that is inevitable since pickup is always a bit of a numbers game.

Lesson 8 – Self-Control

Self control is essential for the game practitioner. Demonstrating self control concepts related to pickup a several post endeavor.

Lesson 9 – The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For

Unless I twist this to have bedroom implications (which may be appropriate) this concept does not apply directly to the pick up game since trying too hard to impress is a losing proposition.

Lesson 10 – A Pleasing Personality

Enlightened game sensei Heartiste would say this is the first item that is outright wrong about Law of Success vs. Law of Pickup. Assholes get the girls ceteris paribus.

Lesson 11-Accurate Thinking

Not directly relevant to the pursuit of game theory since accurate thinking could be less useful than focusing on established game principles that work. Unless you have a finely tuned mind focused on game better to stick to the basics.

Lesson 12- Concentration

Dedicated practitioner’s focus on the mission (getting laid) vs. getting drunk, watching sports, or getting distracted by shiny objects.

Lesson 13 – Cooperation

Wing man anyone?

Lesson 14 – Profiting by Failure

You must get over the concept of failure and often fail many times to truly succeed. Pickup is identical to business in this regard and the biggest mistake most people make is being afraid to try. Like the fortune cookie in the chinese restaurant close to my house says
“Rejoice in failure because success is close at hand” or wait was that Mr. Miyagi? Another twist on this is an approach is often easier after a would be player before you crashes and burns. You are judged relative to him thus profiting from his failure.

Lesson 15 – Tolerance

In opposition to game theory that says tolerance is a sign of lower value.

Lesson 16 – The Golden Rule

I read that pua Godfather Mystery has been attributed as saying “Always leave them better than you found them”. I tend to argue with Heartiste that this is wishful thinking and not likely in most cases so is not directly relevant to non Buddhist game.

Lesson 17 – Universal Law of Cosmic Habitforce

This is probably the deepest of all of the Laws of Success and could be taken many different ways. To me it is best summarized as thoughts are powerful and if you believe you can you can. Negative thoughts or people are draining and should be avoided.

I am pretty impressed with the application of the Law of Success to game theory. It is not just get rich hucksters and prosperity gospel preachers that owe a big debt to Napoleon Hill but pick up artists too. Napoleon Hill, a true player for the ages.

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3 Responses to Law of Success vs. Pick Up Game

  1. A.B. Dada says:

    4. Savings in terms of PUA… In financial markets, a wise man saves in order to redeem that stored capital when it has more value. A PUA who has a long term relationship versus a short term one may save certain tidbits of information (save, something the gal says or wants) to be redeemed at a later date when it has more value.

    9. Doing more than paid for is definitely important in any Game theory. Relationships, even short term ones, are about fulfilling needs. A PUA who games a gal is still fulfilling a need she has. Buying her things, complimenting her, doormatting yourself is generally NOT a need you want to fulfill, but “paying her” needs of giving her a dominant, in-control and self-confident male is a payment nonetheless for a fee women have.

    10. I’m cockier with customers than with women — I warn most of my clients that I’m an asshole and I expect negotiations.

    13. You can’t game a woman unless she’s open to wanting it, even if her outer brain is saying no. Go by what the inner brain (hamster) is desiring. As such, she’s openly cooperating with you to fulfill her inner brain’s hunger and your overall desire. Game doesn’t happen without full cooperation, just remember women have two opposing minds.

    Good start!

    • MTK says:

      Thanks for the comments. I like your take on doing more than paid for fits the Law of Success to a tee.

  2. Marellus says:


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