Law of bachelorette party relativity

bachelorettepartyExtravagant destination bachelorette party’s are a total farce. These¬†extravagant displays of slutitude have become a one up competition with women determined to be men losing whatever feminine charm they may have had left in the process. Isn’t buying something other men ravaged while it was younger, hotter, tighter enough of a losing situation for there soon to be husband? Evidently not, it is important to get in one last romp in Jamaica funded either via future wedding debt or through the unsuspecting moronic husbands of the wives friends who allow their wives to host and attend these type of events. I would wager to guess most bachelorette parties are way wilder than the corresponding bachelor parties and 5X the cost.

Law of bachelorette party relativity = The expense and complexity of the bachelorette party is equal and opposite to marital harmony and the prospects for future success of the marriage.

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