Kevin Federline a case study in douche bag alpha game

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All Star alpha/douche bag Kevin Federline just welcomed his fifth child into the world and it propelled him back in the headlines again. Kevin Federline is no Alexander the Great but he deserves his own case study because he is an intriguing example of a modern day alpha. Conquering Britney Spears vagina (in her prime) is not exactly the same as building the largest empire in the ancient world but it did make him the envy of players everywhere and famous worldwide. What does Kevin’s conquest tell us about being alpha and the mind of women he has endeared himself to?

Proximity + Game = Conquest

Kevin Federline made the most of his opportunity working as a dancer to Britney Spears. He must have executed incredibly tight bad boy game to attract Britney vs. the competition but it was his proximity to her day in and day out that gave him the opportunity. Strong points to Kevin for seizing the opportunity.

 Women dig douche bag/assholes

I give Federline proper respect for being alpha but make no mistakes about it he is a douche bag. Britney fell for the dark side intrigue choosing asshole game over men with legitimate power/status credentials  (aka Justin Timberlake or other famous suitors). This is pure Casanova type A+ game wooing higher status women with pure game.

Leveraging the value

Kevin Federline not only benefited financially from his interactions with Britney Spears but he leveraged his fame to benefit himself and keep himself deep in women even after they broke up. Fame (or even infamy) is attractive to women since many women crave to be famous and hope part of the limelight rubs off on them. Imagine the thrills his current girl (won’t bother looking up her name) is having getting all the attention around the birth of her daughter.¬† She is probably thinking about the name of their future reality show already..

Embrace the haters

I used an example of KFed hating as the image for this post and it is a great example how passionate people can get around trying to bring down others. Hate comes with success to some extent and people can’t stand that what they view as a no talent guy is famous. Now they are piling onto him for being overweight but so what the guy is still evidently alpha and doing what makes him happy (women).

If Kevin Federline ever writes a book on game it would be a must read. Time to grow out my mullet and practice my douche bag dancer game.





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  1. Neecy says:

    UGh K-FED? Do not follow him. he is an opportunist. Britney was definitley already off her wagon when she got with him (and surely wasn;t her hot self she waas years prioir. She was desperate. He also left his pregnant girlfriend behind and Britney saw no issues with that whotsoever. I really don’t see Britney as a quality gal so to speak so its not much of a stretch – except she had money and fame so I guess he made out?

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