Is this how liberty dies, to thunderous applause?

Is this how liberty dies, to thunderous applause?

I was reminded of this scene in Star Wars when reading about the new riots in Egypt demonstrating that the military has not turned over power to civilian leadership. Did anyone really think that was the direction they were heading? No chance. The military is firmly in control and many of the people will look back fondly on Mubarak’s reign if things play out how I think they will. In Libya, the women who were cheering Gaddafi’s demise will long for his easy going ways once the Islamic movement is done with the government.

Occupy Wall Street be careful about seeking change sometimes its more of the same or worse. The little bloody poster boy provoked violence on himself through acting like a dimwit. No sympathy for him in my book and although I support the right to protest in our country what kind of change for the better do they want?



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2 Responses to Is this how liberty dies, to thunderous applause?

  1. Mark Slater says:

    Like the Galactic Empire, we also seem to have dark forces running amok around the globe. It’s not easy to defend contemptible characters such as Khaddafi, Mubarak, etc; but what will those in charge of the New Improved “civilian government” look like? The Muslim Brotherhood? Or perhaps those that would be more amenable to global socialism?

    Patriotic folks, it seems, are finally seeing through the triangulation of “Occupy Wall Street”. Whatever honorable motives the participants had initially, they are now a laughingstock.

    • MTK says:

      I agree. I believe we do need some financial reform and am appalled at some of the needed bailouts that were required since it creates such a big moral hazard in the economy. If you can’t lose and instead get bailed out you shouldn’t participate in all the upside either.

      Restructuring some of that was possible when Obama first came into office but didn’t happen. This could have been done without harming finances since Sarbanes Oxley is fairly useless protection wise especially considering the cost of compliance. Much better to use those funds for some real controls. Now I am skeptical that any real change would happen.

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