Interesting blog posts of January 2013

It may be time to give my RSS reader a hair cut, catching up on all of the quality reading is starting to be impossible. Just goes to show what kind of talent is routinely putting out must read posts. Here are some quality posts that caused me to read all the way to the end and beyond. Since I owe a debt of gratitude for all the info I acquire from it, I start with the death of RSS co-creator Aaron Swartz’ death A crusader who didn’t fully appreciate the desire of those in power to maintain the status quo and squash those that seek to upend the system. Deep lessons in here not the type of hope and change he signed on for.

I am a recent subscriber to the thewomanandthedragon blog and this post is pure quality. It is a woman’s responsibility to make sure that she is attracted to the man she chooses to marry. He is not responsible for her past and any indiscretions that may hurt her ability to pair bond with her husband. I especially love the blunt wisdom that even if she was not a Christian when these acts occurred it is her responsibility to atone for her past not his. The comments in this post are really deep too, a must read. Pastors that con unsuspecting dopes to man up in this type of situation are an embarrassment and will be held accountable.

Powerful article on gun control and where the real gun violence is happening. Making certain guns illegal will be no more successful than the whole farce of a war on drugs. Criminals find a way to break the law that is what makes them criminals. Will China care if we ban them when or black markets eagerly absorb supply?

A mom who gets what her son is up against. I think she would be able to do a beer summit and wax poetic with on some wise advice..

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