Instant karma’s gonna get you

Karma is one thing but instant karma is rare. John Lennon knew what he was talking about. So many of clueless people her death was no tragedy but it definitely was preventable. Honor your marriage vows. Avoid traveling alone to dangerous parts of the city where previous incidents have happened. The world is a dangerous place and foolish actions have consequences mostly for the kids left behind.

At least some of the commenters get it:

“Let’s be honest, this woman was a very shady person. I don’t want to hear any more about her. She’s scum. I have relatives like her, don’t really care to read about it in the news”.

“Her bag has “My Way” on it. her flickr handle was MeMyselfSarai. Do we normally broadcast how self-centered we are? Maybe her narcissim was her downfall”.

“This story sets offs warning bells. Married? Single? Trip alone with only cell phone to take pictures? Smells fishy. Sex with strangers? Are you kidding me. Sleeper cell?”

Most husbands of cheating women won’t get out this easy, they will get half.

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2 Responses to Instant karma’s gonna get you

  1. Jeff R. says:

    Stupid bitch/beta husband is a bad combo.

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