“I” focused online dating site profiles

Read an insightful post or comment to a post recently (apologies for not providing a proper credit I will seek to do better next time) that proposed the theory that the more a woman used I in a profile the more likely she was to be a self loving narcissistic, joy to be around. Ok the last part I made up she is more likely to be an intolerable wench if that is the case.

I did not really give the insight much thought at first but stumbled across this post doing some browsing and could not help but be amused. Could this chick be any more self loving and annoying. This single find was enough for me to think the poster of this theory was a genius and I will look back for a name to give proper credit to his powerful insight. Apologies if one was missed they all ran together after awhile.

Hello everyone. To be honest I am horrible at finding someone. I can never seem to find someone to last so I figured that I at least try and post on here. I am currently trying to finish up college. I am hoping to go into government. I am some what of a workaholic. I am always down to have a good time. I love to go out and have fun. I am really into sports and I enjoy playing them as well as watching them. I am loud and energetic. I am very outgoing and I am looking for someone who is ready to be serious in a relationship. I don’t want a one time hit. I am ready to start settling in my life and I am looking for someone who is willing to do the same.I am 5’9″, with an athletically built body. I am black, and proud of it. I do not discriminate again race. I am always open for anything. I am not looking for anyone that is old enough to be my father. So please if you are significantly older than me please do not expect a reply. Send a Picture and I will be glad to send one back if you catch my attention

What a catch she is. It would be nice to think her post was delusional bliss but unfortunately, some idiot is probably contacting her, telling her she is beautiful and making her even more intolerable for the rest of humanity. I hope he suffers for his foolishness and if she has anything to say about it, he will.


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