Hypergamy can be a game of inches

When you think of hypergamy you probably think of a woman trading up from a dutiful beta male provider to a a high status male who significantly upgrades her standard of living, putting her on eassssy street. This is a pipe dream for most women but hypergamy still must be served even if it only offers marginal improvement. For many women hypergamy is relative and a game of inches. Here is a real life example I know of that makes me shake my head and laugh. The woman is late 40s; married ~ 20 years, works an average to below average clerical job and has one teenage daughter with Man A.

Man A: Average guy who is slightly over weight, lazy and has not held down a solid job for years. Regularly ends up electing for medical procedures in lieu of working and seems to have a lot of minor health problems resulting in surgeries. He is considered a doting father to the daughter and a generally decent guy.

Man B: Average guy who is a good bit fatter than A and tries to be funny but usually just comes off as an asshole. Works a low end low status job and has a couple of crazy kids of his own. To sweeten the pot he is a 2nd cousin of Man A.

This is the reality of hypergamy for an older woman. If she is trading up it is very debatable but new is new and hamsters gotta spin. Loser asshole trumps plain down on their luck loser in the game of hypergamy, but both are still losers in the game of life.

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  1. BC says:

    Grass always looks greener on the other side of the first down marker…

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