How to train like a Spartan in pursuit of your life’s mission

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The legend of the Spartan warrior has survived for centuries. Famous for their ability to wage war and fighting spirit no matter how long the odds, the Spartan ideal has survived the test of time and immortalized the 300 warriors that died defending Greece at the battle of Thermopylae. King Leonidas and his company of Spartans held off a Persian Army estimated to be between 100,000-300,000 strong which was the largest force ever assembled at that point in time. How did so few Spartans hold out for 2 full days of battle despite the astronomical odds and what can we learn in our quest to become more powerful men?



Spartan’s knew their life purpose from birth – The entire Spartan culture was centered around waging war and raising warriors for the glory of Sparta. It was taught that dying in battle was an honor for the family so warriors did not fear the paying the ultimate price. Boys were taken from their family at the age of 7 and their sole focus became learning the craft of war. Your life purpose is not centered around war unless you are a career military professional but there is an important lesson to learn from the Spartan culture. The sooner you center on and pursue your life mission (and assist your children in doing the soon) the more successful they will be. Do you think a modern day Spartan male would ever enter college undecided? Neither should your children.

Spartan’s trained harder than anyone else – Success in battle was the reason for being in Sparta and the leaders recognized intense training was needed to accomplish this mission. From birth only the strong survived in Sparta and fatalities were not uncommon during training. Spartan warrior’s put in the preparation that was necessary to be successful on the battlefield. The life lesson here is from an early age you should be preparing your children in the lessons they need to be successful in the high status career that best suits their personality and abilities. Help them figure it out well before college so they are focused and your education dollars are used for useful training that will launch their career. Teaching entrepreneurship lessons at an early age is critical if you want your child to grow up to be the master of their own destiny.

Spartan’s recognized training was no substitute for real battle experience Spartans trained full contact and were not afraid to have a few people get hurt in the process. They also regularly waged war on their rivals to train new warriors and keep existing skills sharp. Training helps get you ready but you have to make good use of that training and execute your life plan. Just practice is not enough you have to be willing to fail and get better in the process.

Spartan’s understood field conditions and competitive advantage –
King Leonidas knew he was hopelessly outnumbered but decided to fight anyway to help save Greece. He would never have been able to make his impressive last stand at Thermopylae if he did not master his surroundings and competitive advantage. The Spartans made effective use of a land choke point to help nullify the numerical advantage of the Persians. In addition, Greek equipment was superior for the given fighting scenario vs. the Persian armaments. Without maximizing these strategic advantages the Persians would have overcome the Spartans much more quickly and the legendary tale would be long ago forgotten. When pursuing your life plan you must make best use of your own strategic advantages and maximize them for your utmost advantage. Whether you are an effective speaker, have an analytic mind, or a strong network of connections harness your skills and focus them on accomplishing your life mission.

The Spartans eventually lost the battle when they were outflanked with the help of a greek traitor and incompetent allies who quickly abandon their post. Their brave sacrifice allowed Greece to live to fight another day and they were eventually triumphant over the Persians. Without the epic Spartan stand perhaps history would have been very different. How could your child’s life be different if you harness their potential and help them focus on their life plan at an early age?

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4 Responses to How to train like a Spartan in pursuit of your life’s mission

  1. Toby harris says:

    With all due respect, you sound like your primary source consisted of the 117 minutes of running time that is the movie 300, you see while the last stand was quite heroic in its boldness and gallantry, it remains as one of histories more sugar coated moments, in fact calling it a battle of Spartans vs Persians is entirely wrong as the battle of Thermopylae was instead a battle fought between an alliance of Greek states numbering up to 1000 “other soldiers” the finest of there cities in fact. To call them “incompetent allies” is historical blasphemy and a cardinal sin. Secondly to say Greek equipment was superior to Persians is a vast misinterpretation, what made Greece the super power of the time was there monopoly of the Mediterranean Sea (cross roads of the world at the time) and ability to mass produce these weapons, while it is a given fact that the Persians were extremely ahead of there time in terms of medicine and weapons. (the Greeks were only really ahead in terms of literature and philosophy)

  2. Spartan says:

    Toby, please no more comments. Smdh

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