How to deal with a police stop

policestateThe police state continues to expand at alarming rates so it is important to know how you should respond when you find yourself dealing with the law. Here is some quality advice onĀ what to do when you get pulled over by the police. My goal in this type of situation is to give myself the best chance to get a pass on whatever fine I might have coming my way by being respectful and making the cops job as easy as possible. This article provides that same type of philosophy and gives good tips on how to achieve that by putting the officer at ease and being polite throughout the stop. At the same time I am unwilling to submit to unlawful fishing expeditions hoping to find something unrelated to the stop. Refusing these type of searches is your duty as a lover of liberty. Make them get a warrant or be on your way. If you are harassed unlawfully take names and take to social media or the old school local newspaper to communicate the facts naming names along the way. Police have a job to do but you have a duty to preserve your liberty.

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