How to change someones mind

Dont change

Every internet news story, post, or comment on a social network often becomes fodder for political and¬†ideological gamesmanship. Lots of heat generated by rapid keyboard clicks but rarely does anyone’s mind change about a position. The most that you can hope for nowadays is that someone will actually try to listen to your true position before regurgitating tired rhetoric your way that may or may not be relevant. Liberals are still blaming Bush and guns for everything. Republicans are blaming Obama and abortions but no one is budging. Everyone has preconceived ideas and an agenda so enlightened debate meant to change hearts and minds is largely a waste of time.

Will someone who opposes abortion ever be able to convince someone that thinks its a women’s right to choose ever find much common ground?

Will atheist and Christians make a significant breakthrough in any direction?

Guns rights vs. those that think all weapons should be banned?

Feminists vs. Mens Rights Advocates?

Alright, enough already you get the point. No one is budging just lots of friction. An interesting question/comment I have seen creeping up is how do I convince someone of the truth of x (my favorite ideology).

The equation involves establishing a friendly relationship with the person and influencing the person at a time when they are most vulnerable to favorably receiving your message. The more someone has sacrificed or has invested building walls to protect their ideology the harder a conversion process it is going to be. Everything else is details.

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