How much should you prepare for the end of the world?

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine…

Well not exactly. If the world were to enter a drastically different state than we are in right now I am woefully unprepared to survive in the changing conditions. I have optimized my present day reality to make the most of the conditions we are dealing with today. I am educated, well dressed (after my extreme style makeover of 2012), large flat screened mounted tvs in the essential (and some non essential) rooms but lacking in survival basics. To get truly prepared for the shit hitting the fan I’d need to arm up, generator up, food up, and precious metal up (with pre 65 silver and some smaller gold coins) to give a go to that new reality.

Question is do I really want to? Preparing for that type of conditions requires a drastic mindset change that takes away focus from optimizing my present conditions and the world in which we live right now. To adequately prepare for extreme world changes requires financial investment, skill changes, and perhaps most importantly a pessimistic mindset that fully expects the worst and prepares accordingly. I know some EOTWAWKI preppers might reject this notion and say you can do both but I think to truly do it right requires an inspired belief that awful things are coming and soon.

So far I have done nothing despite belief that big problems are possible and it might be prudent to diversify and make some basic preparations to improve my odds of survival if things get shaken to the core. What have I considered doing?

  • Arming up with some firepower and rounds. This would probably be prudent even if things continue to go as is. The world is a dangerous place and a crack or methhead could try and rob the joint at any time just to score another fix. I’ve been looking at a 12 gauge and a few .40 cal sidearms. First thing first is a nice gun safe to lock it up and keep the little ones safe.
  • Food and water collection. If rotated properly I should be doing this already but I gotta admit I don’t eat too many can goods these days and the thoughts of having to is kind of depressing. I’d probably wish I had it in a crisis but life quality would definitely decline. Might be time to buy some rotating cans of Campbells and vegetables as a cheap contingency.
  • A medium size generator and some spare fuel. Realistically this wouldn’t be a viable mid or long term solution because the fuel would run out but it is worth it just for short term piece of mind or to prevent spoilage in an emergency.
  • Hard currency. We all know the dollar and stock markets are¬†artificially inflated but it is so tempting to ride the relative stability until we have to change course. The only problem is that is what most other people are doing and when/if the currency goes down it is going to be a greater fool paradigm and if you didn’t prepare before hand good luck on getting by. I am considering getting more into silver for trading ability and the lower cost entry point but am still reading up on the practicalities and wisdom on the pre 65 junk silver market. Either way this is the closest of the can’t lose plays that a wanna be prepper can do just make sure your not all hard currency with no lead to back up your investment.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes. Purely for barter, except the alcohol.

I am starting to reluctantly prepare but I wish I didn’t feel the need…In the meantime I have had the Survival Blog in my RSS reader for the past few months and have been learning a lot. It’s the end of the world as we know it and I need wine!

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2 Responses to How much should you prepare for the end of the world?

  1. Drama says:

    Preparing for that is no different than planning a party. You want to have what you need so things go well and you aren’t embarrassed.

    I’m not a prepper but I’ve got the basic essentials of equipment to survive untended. Initially it’s about priorities, would you rather have a TV or a gun? New clothes or a tool kit? Those are personal questions, everyone will answer differently.

    Compared to a few years ago I no longer waste any money, everything I spend is either for standard essentials such as food, gas, etc. and things I actually want.
    I could get a new TV, but I don’t care about TV anymore. I still watch, but it’s basically a distraction for when I’m bored. I dress nice too, but I’ve come to learn that by buying the correct clothes I don’t have to go shopping all the time, in fact I can’t remember the last time I went clothes shopping(that doesn’t mean I still don’t pick up something on occasion, I just don’t make plans to update my closet).
    The TV, clothes, movie, and concert money goes to books, tools, motorcycles, and travel, things that to me have real value. Though value is a subjective term, I forego concerts for entertainment but enjoy the experiences of traveling.

    Essentially what it has become is discovering new hobbies. Growing up there were no guns or motorcycles(cars were big though) in my family. As an adult I finally took my turn with those things and they are now big hobbies for me. In the future I’d like to explore carpentry(wood shop just never cut it), tango dancing, and horses.

    It’s not necessarily about preparing for anything. Like I said I have the basic essentials and ready to carry my life on my back if need be, but I don’t plan for it any more than just being ready. What it is is a decision to spend my time and money or things that interest me and also provide me with some value or benefit over things that I have questioned and decided were not worth the money.
    I’d rather shoot than see a movie, travel than see a concert, and buy a new bike than a tv or more clothes.

    Plus in the end, you have to ask, what is the value of anything you have if you cannot enjoy secure it’s use in the future?

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