Have you become too comfortable?

What images come to your mind when you think of being comfortable? I think of an Old Navy commercial, not getting out of bed on a winter or rainy day and watching movies all day wrapped warmly in what was formerly adorned on a sheep. Comfort means different things to different people and a lot of it comes down to context, is the term being meant in a positive or negative way? When comfort is being talked about in a negative way it is for a few different reasons. You might be bored with your life, avoiding change that would make your life better, or failing to take action needed to accomplish your goals. If you seek a radically different life than the life you are living today you must look at your present state of comfort as an adversary that you must defeat to live your dreams. Comfort is the enemy of growth.

Take a hard look at your life and perform a self audit to see if you are on track to accomplish your objectives? If not it is important to ask yourself some hard questions. Are the dreams you used to want still what you want today? Do you have the ability and the work ethic to pursue it relentlessly at the cost of nearly anything else? Its ok to change course just don’t make yourself miserable by not realigning your goals to your current state in life. If you seek major change you are going to have to break out of your comfort zone and take radical action to break the inertia of comfort that has crept into your life.

Even if you have already achieved great things in your life comfort may be holding you back from greater things. The movie Rocky III is a good example of what happens once you have been successful get comfortable and let complacency set in. We lose our edge, stop growing and eventually we slip up and new challengers rise to take what we have.

Rocky didn’t even realize his management team was avoiding the difficult fights in favor of the slam dunks. Why would he? He was comfortable with his new life and had no incentive to question any of it. It was only Clubber Lang’s confrontation and fire that led him to question his own actions and become more self aware. Seeing someone else full of fire pursuing their mission can reawaken the same desire in ourselves, that is why it is important to associate with this type of person. After the realization that he was fighting nobody bums since his second epic showdown with Apollo, Rocky had two choices. He could quit and enjoy the comfort of his previous hard work or he could train his ass off, regain his fire and be a true champion again. We all know which path Rocky followed since there would have been no Rocky IV if he had decided to hang up the trunks and live off of his money and infomercial endorsement deals.

If you have lost your fire and want it back you need to take radical action. You have to overcome inertia with pure focused effort. Comfort is the enemy of growth.

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4 Responses to Have you become too comfortable?

  1. Neecy says:

    Beautifully written Mark! I have definitely been too comfy with my life and it has bot given me the drive and motivation to keep pressing for much better for myself. Life is about always challenging yourself to be better and to achieve those harder to obtain goals. I plan on stepping out of my comfort Zone for sure in 2012!

    Thanks for such inspiring posts!

  2. MTK says:

    Yeah Neecy I go back and forth on this issue myself. Sometimes I am extremely motivated to break out of my comfort zone and to achieve big things but then sometimes I wonder why I don’t enjoy what I have more and be content with enjoying that vs. striving for more.

  3. Jeb says:

    Great Post. Was sitting here doing nothing, but am now headed out to grab me some of my dreams….the comfort zone is no longer my friend.

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