Gender double standards are getting old

Men and women are fundamentally different but each have the right to pursue what makes them happy in life. I believe this and think most other people probably do too although some wanna be radical non-thinkers may try to challenge the first part.

I could respect the above arrangement if both sexes were held accountable for their actions in a consistent manner but this is fundamentally not the case. It can not ALWAYS be a man’s fault when a woman makes a choice and it does not work out in her favor. It can not ALWAYS be ok for a women but not for a man when the script gets flipped. Here are some common examples of this nonsense that I hear many women embrace when it is in their advantage:

  • Men should put himself in danger for any woman
  • Men should still put himself in danger when the woman helped escalated a situation and make it dangerous
  • Men should never approach women if he isn’t sure she is interested, its harassment!
  • Men should always approach a woman don’t be a coward!
  • Men shouldn’t ask for so much sex that is all he wants
  • Men should always want sex after all she’s desirable. There must be something wrong with him (physical, mental, gay)
  • Men should pay for dates
  • Men shouldn’t expect anything for paying for a date.
  • Men shouldn’t be nice guys that’s creepy!
  • Men shouldn’t be jerks that’s not nice!

The list goes on and on. I understand everything is dependent on the situation and who is doing the gesture but the whole thing is just entirely nuts. This in a nutshell is why I consider myself red pill. It is not because I want to bang lots of chicks or don’t like my old self. It’s not because I am angry. It’s because I see the fundamental nonsense in the unmerited expectations that many women and a lot of society place on a man. I am not MGTOW but I do believe men should have rights and I am focused on self improvement and living life by my terms, other people’s expectations be damned.

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