First Lady first in hypergamy? Go figure.

Caught an interesting article covering a new book that claimed Michelle Obama considered divorcing Barrack Obama after his apparently disastrous Congress defeat in which she urged him not to run. Here are some of the details.

This was a calamitous turn of events, and during the dark days that followed his defeat, he turned to Michelle for comfort. But she was in no mood to offer him sympathy. After all, he had refused to listen to her warnings about taking on the formidable Bobby Rush. He had put his family in a precarious financial position. And he had dashed Michelle’s hopes of creating a stable and secure future. As a result, their marriage was on the rocks, and Obama confided to friends that he and Michelle were talking about divorce.

I believe this story has legs because this is the very definition of an I told you so moment that also smells like hypergamic urges. After all she thought she his career was probably finished and was ready to cut bait for a more successful suitor. If only she pulled the trigger on the divorce perhaps the nation would have been spared this presidency. Men take heed even the eventual most powerful man in the world is subject to the universal law of hypergamy.

Expecting sympathy when your down? Don’t.

Expecting her on your side win or lose midaswell flip a coin.

Maybe Mr. Obama consulted Athol Kay and gamed his wife back into control. Oh wait I doubt it from all appearances it appears she still pulls the strings like Geppetto.


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2 Responses to First Lady first in hypergamy? Go figure.

  1. M3 says:

    “Expecting sympathy when your down? Don’t.
    Expecting her on your side win or lose midaswell flip a coin.”


    Hearing shit like this makes me want to hate women. I try not to but it shit like this doesn’t help.

    I mean.. do women even hear the words ‘for better or for worse’ in the wedding vows?

    I endured and supported my exwife through 3 unemployments and helped her financially during her upgrade courses.

    She left me after my first unemployment in 10 years after i wanted to take a short break from working.

    Then she used her portion of the sale of our home to pay off one of her two student debts. I had cleared off her first student debt out of my own money prior to getting married trying to make sure we had as little debt as possible going in.

    Independent in-fucking-deed.

    I AM REALLY TRYING TO NOT HATE WOMEN but it seems like they play by a different set of rules. I say fuck it, go your own way and let them fend for themselves. Learn game, cohabit at most, never move in, never marry, never hang yourself, never pay off their debts, never beta.

    I’m on a better track now. Too bad i spent 34 years in the matrix. Wish i had the knowledge during high school.

    • MTK says:

      I agree with a lot of your sentiments I think the key thing is moving forward and not becoming overly bitter and enjoying your life on your own terms. That is really what life is all about not all the other stuff society programs us with.

      Knowledge is power and being in control of your emotions is even more powerful.

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