Figuring out fashion and finally getting some style

I performed some self analysis recently and uncovered a few areas of my life that needed some significant investment if I wanted to become the well rounded gentleman scholar that is the purpose of this site. In this particular case I came to the realization that I had no sense of personal style. There I said it my fashion sense sucked and I never cared or thought it mattered. I have always had a healthy sense of self esteem and never derived any of it from the clothes I wore or the things I have. My self confidence comes entirely from within but I took it a bit too far and thought fashion was largely irrelevant and did not matter to me as a result.

How did I let myself become the ultimate fashion misfit?

  • Never had a fashion mentor someone to show me the ropes and what I was doing wrong
  • Never had any particular sense of style beyond decent brands with a somewhat preppy style
  • Always preferred baggy fitting clothes that were comfortable but not stylish or flattering
  • Kept the same old clothes forever even after they had outlived there useful purpose
  • Stopped investing in new clothing and let what little quality I did have in my wardrobe severely deteriorate
  • Thought fashion was the realm of the shallow or metro-sexual man not real men.

The last point above is probably one of the more interesting and where I was most incorrect. Looking at it now I was dead wrong a lot of the most powerful and alpha men (real and fictional) in the world have a strong fashion sense and put a lot of effort into it. Men I admire like JFK, Sinatra, Hollywood Stars from the 40s-60s these guys knew how to dress and looked classy and manly doing it. These men owned their style became icons and looked the part.

Most of my work environment is business casual and my wardrobe mostly fit right in but it was still very bad. A other few men in the workplace were dressing much nicer, upper business casual attire and suiting up quite often. Many of these same guys were also the leaders or the up and comers in the company but I never paid much attention to it. Substance over style right? Well no. Appearance matters and my observations in the workplace along with my love of classic 50s-60s style gave me the incentive to up the ante and develop my own personal style.

I am happy to announce that I a reformed style ignoramus in training and will report on what I have changed thus far in my next post.

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4 Responses to Figuring out fashion and finally getting some style

  1. Kane says:

    Check out The Sartorialist

    I think you’re going about this the right way. Find style role models and emulate them. Adapt their style to your skin tone, body types, preferences etc.

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