Dreaming vs. Doing

Have you ever noticed how the people who are most often talking about their dreams and where they want to be in the future spend most of their time dreaming? They make grand plans and big lists. Spend a ton of time on the visualization almost as if they can achieve it just because they want it. Caught up in the visualization part they stall and never develop a useful plan to guide them to their desired state. All of the time is spent in the dream but no real activity is taken to achieve it.

The successful people I know are doing something different. Sure they have goals but they don’t get caught up in a dream. They make strategic plans (formal or informal) and most importantly take action. They get started and work hard with focused effort to get what they want.

Doing something vs. dreaming something.

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2 Responses to Dreaming vs. Doing

  1. Southern Man says:

    I fall into this trap a lot, dreaming of all I want to accomplish with some unimproved land that I have. The solution for me is to get out there and do SOMETHING every day to move that dream a little closer to reality. Dreaming is fine, as long as you are also doing.

    • MTK says:

      Good points there Southern Man. I was speaking about a few particular people I know in my life that have unreal dreams but doing little to accomplish them. Most of us balance it pretty good but the outliers are scary.

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