Don’t dumpster dive – Picking a fuggly is no guarantee of lifelong monogamy

dumpsterThe sexual marketplace is every bit the rival of the S&P 500 or any other financial exchange that man has created. Buy low, sell high. Look for the diamond in the rough. Maximize your value by understanding that it is a market and being the best you (the product) that you choose to be. Lots of nuances that many people have written a lot of material on.

One strategy I have heard about is a man attempting to minimize his downside by seeking out and marrying a woman who has a significantly lower market value from what he could otherwise obtain. If she has a pleasing personality and cares for him like he is a sultan over the course of his life that may be a useful strategy. But that is not what is happening in a lot of cases I see in the real world.


  • The lower value woman becomes gains a ton of weight dropping even lower on the totem poll and widening the market value gap. Suffering no consequences most times by the way because this type of man tends to stick it out to the bitter end.
  • The lower value woman grows delusional and has the audacity to believe she can do better. This should be the ultimate slap in the face to a man that could pull a much hotter woman but alas his behavior has often fed and reinforced this beast by clingy behavior and treating her as if she was the prize when sexual market value says the reverse is true.
  •  I have witnessed this first hand through a friend and it is a sad tale indeed. He was at least 3 pts greater than her but in the end that didn’t matter. This man made delusional Delilah devoured him cheating on him with his own friend in his own house multiple times leaving him a wreck of a man for a time.

He has since recovered and is now married to a woman at least 2 points better looking than his previous wife. Why he married again is a mystery to me but at least he didn’t dumpster dive again. There is no safety by slumming it, so if your gonna get dirty get dirty.

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