Does it take a lot to please you?

bikeguyI was in the middle of having a quality father son day yesterday and we were running around creation doing errands and having some fun in between. Lots of junk food and hustle and bustle had me in that focused zone where you don’t slow down to appreciate the moment you are just working to get it done. A lot of us spend too much of our lives that way always in a hurry to the next hurry without fulling savoring the good times in the moment as they are occurring. Just as we were about to get into our car after the last stop I heard a voice call out. My first reaction has become to stay in the tunnel and not look up. After all its probably someone wanting something and I am spent after running around most of the day.

I decide to look up and see who is calling out and it is a 40ish age California looking hippy on a bike asking for 35 cents. Intrigued that he only asked for 35 cents when most would ask for money in general or a much higher amount I looked him in the eyes. Even though he was in need joy reflected back he reminded me of my son asking for ice cream money when he hears the siren in then neighborhood. I reached into my change holder and gave him 75 cents and he lit up like he won the lottery. He was very appreciative and joyfully rode off, his reaction left me wishing I gave more. Whether he was going off to get medicine, food or a beer it really doesn’t matter to me. Seeing someone so joyful over 75 cents was a good reminder that it is often the simple things in life that make us happy and once we reach a certain standard of living its just an endless quest for more. When I got back home I cracked a beer and a smile and hoped he might be doing the same.

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