Does faking it til you make it work?

FakingItThe self improvement strategy of faking it til you make it is often preached as an effective way to improve. Faking it til you make it has been advocated as a way to improve health habits, financial discipline, career prospects, and by pick up artists as an effective way to become a modern day Porfirio Rubirosa. How effective is it? It is hard to say for certain since there are a lot of factors that are hard to isolate.

If you are already self confident and assertive I am skeptical that faking til you make it will bring about the desired changes in your life. Most forms of lasting self improvement require a more Napoleon Hillesque form of self improvement that involves developing and sticking to a plan, self control and aligning yourself with a powerful network that can aid you in your desired goal.

Faking it until you make it feels like a modern day lone wolf digital apprenticeship but that is a poor man’s substitute to finding a real life mentor that has achieved what you seek to do. Someone who is accomplished, has a strong network that you can benefit from and is willing to show you the ropes is the old school wisdom of the ancients known as an apprenticeship. Studying with a mentor has been the method of successful men from Cro Magnon hunters, Alexander the Great who studied under Aristotle all the way down to modern day oligarchs of finance and politics. If oligarchs are not your thing this is also how highly skilled blue collar tradesmen like electricians and welders hone their craft. When it comes to electricity would you fake it til you make it?

I have no doubt that faking it til you make it can help for making minor life changes especially when someone is starting from a relatively fragile foundation. True power moves require participating in what Napoleon Hill called The Mastermind network. There is nothing more powerful than a network of talented people unite for a common purpose.

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