Do not hate what is good

We all know society is seriously screwed up. There is a lot wrong with the world but we all have to stand for something and decide what kind of person we want to be. I consider myself part of the men’s rights movement because men get the shaft in society these days and that is worth getting pissed off about. It is ruining society and leading to the collapse of the greatest nation the earth has known. Its not just men getting the shaft though it is anyone who seeks to do what is right or speak up against evil. You have to take a stand it does not make sense to call promiscuous women out as sluts (which I am ok with) but then degrade women who seek to live up to a purity ideal as expired merchandise. Celebrate what is good and pure and beautiful and fight evil ideals and people with every fiber of your being. Does it make sense to ridicule someone who did their best just because society can not stand people that oppose it and seek to do what is right?

Truth and good will win out in the end and those that oppose it should enjoy the soul rotting spoils of their temporary victory.

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